Barksdale Air Force Base Address
Barksdale AFB LA, 71110

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Barksdale AFB Louisiana


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Barksdale Air Force Base

Led by Colonel Robert E. Wheeler, Barksdale is an Air Force Base located in Louisiana, near Bossier City and Shreveport. The base was established in 1933 and nowadays it is home to the 2nd Bomber Wing, 8th Air Force and 917th Wing. The logo features a star surrounded by two wings and a circle, the symbols of power, unity and eternity through flight operations. The base is very important as it is the first places where President George W. Bush was flown to after the terrorist attacks of 2001.

Local attractions are the famous B-52 bombers and A-10 "tank busters". The base is medium-sized and with few garrisoned troops, as compared to its size. However, the importance of the base has been paramount. For example, the space shuttle Columbia has made a stop here in 1990.

Nowadays its importance and primary mission are based on the base’s Air Training Command Center. They train future troops in here, with a special attention given the air combat operations. The base does not often receive press, because the activities are, generally-speaking, secret. However, there are press releases about three times a year, on the occasion of special events. The base is named after Lieutenant Hoy Barksdale, a military person who lost his life in 1926 during a flight near Dayton, Ohio. The base is of strategic importance to that part of the USA and focuses on developing gunnery and bombing skills.

The attractions are few and far between and the accommodation for newcomers is also difficult as there is not much room, as a result of heavy recruiting and poor accommodation building. However, the importance of the base was seen lately, in its many rescue and protection missions.